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At LP Driving Lessons we offer a network of fully qualified green badge driving instructors that will help you on the road to gaining your manual or automatic Driving Licence.


Driving Licence categories defined (Cars)

Category B
Entitles you to drive vehicles up to 3,500kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) with up to 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg).
You can also tow heavier trailers if the total MAM of the vehicle and trailer isn’t more than 3,500kg.

You can drive motor tricycles with a power output higher than 15kW if you are over 21 years old.

Physically disabled drivers with provisional category B entitlement will also have provisional entitlement to ride category A1 or A motor tricycles.

Able-bodied drivers can no longer ride motor tricycles with a provisional category B licence.


Category B auto
Entitles you to drive a category B vehicle – but only automatic vehicles.

Category B+E
Entitles you to drive a vehicle with a MAM of 3,500kg with a trailer.
The size of the trailer depends on when you passed your test.
If you passed your test:
• before 19 January 2013 you can tow any size trailer
• on or after 19 January 2013 you can tow a trailer with a MAM of up to 3,500kg


Apply for your first Driving Licence


Type of licence Apply online Apply by post
First Provisional Driving Licence – car, motorcycle, moped £34 £43
First full Driving Licence N/A £43


Apply online

Order forms online from DVLA


When can I apply for a Provisional Driving Licence?

You can apply for a Provisional Driving Licence when you become 15 years and 9 months old.
You can start driving when you are:
• 17 if you want to drive a car
• 16 if you want to ride a moped or light quad bike
Your licence will say when you can start driving different vehicles.

Photo card licences are valid for 10 years unless otherwise stated. You will get a reminder to renew your photo before your current licence ends.


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Driving Licence